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LogoIntroduction: “Jan Gan Manch – a people’s platform for people

Jan Gan Manch is a Autonomous wing of SEWS India NGO which is registered under society registraƟon act 1960. Jan Gan Manch is a creative approach of SEWS India to create awareness on various social issues through utilization of art and culture approach with modern technology audio – visual acts , drama, music, animation and graphics etc.

Jan Gan Manch has a vision to effect mock with more effectively by implementing various types of new creative ideas through that we can achieve a great results toward our goal of making society aware on various social issues.

We have observed that, there is lack of awareness in our society in aspect of health, sanitation and pollution. So we have realized that our team should create a character who could affect target audience like students, communities, visitors and local mob about making them aware about Clean & Green Kashi.

CleanuJan Gan Manch’s newly created character “CLEANU” is to make people aware in very easy and effective manner. Our team realized through our previous experiences that only through a character we can plant our thoughts in people’s mind like Shaktimaan , Mickey and other cartoon characters did it before and influenced peoples very deeply.

The purpose of creation of this character, “CLEANU”, is to set a model, Role model for making Varanasi pollution free. However we know very well it’s not quite enough to only create a character to fulfill our Requirements, so we have planned several themes and acts to fulfill our prospect which we have assumed on the making of CLEANU.

Scope of CLEANU

  • We can use CLEANU as role model for School Kids.
  • Visitor and Moving population on Public places like Ghat, Parks, Streets, different
  • Communities, societies etc.
  • On special occasions and events.

Activities of CLEANU-

  1. Awareness through display board with different massages.
  2. Act on various moods related to cleanliness, Good and bad practices of cleanliness.
  3. School Visits with his ideas and solution for making city pollution free.
  4. IEC material distribution and so on.

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