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We understand need of poor students, as every human born with same ability to learn and develop but due to lack of resources and opportunity a poor child can’t able to achieve his/ her dream to become Doctor or Engineer because they do not have text book to write, a Geometry box to solve some mathematical formula. Our small effort can give India another Aryabhata, Brahmagupta or Srinivas Ramanujan we have to enrich and nurture all the children those who are in need of quality Education and small support of Educational material.

What we do; ’ is a unique solution to a problem faced by hundreds of remote village kids, SEWS India’s “Education Desire” initiative is addressing the educational needs of hundreds of remote & resource starved village/slum schools & Aaganwadi Centers by channelizing under-utilized material of city’s affluent schools. While connecting the two extreme ends of the society, it opens a space of interaction between the two as well. Without burdening anyone, ‘Education Desire” makes channel cost-effective and easily replicable concept, evolved on the basis of prevalent practices in urban schools.

The Process & Social Impact; The idea is to motivate urban school kids to contribute the material that they are not using anymore, as every year most children buy a new set of uniforms, copies, stationery, water bottles, shoes, lunch box etc. when they move on to the next class. The urban children, parents & school authorities are sensitized about the needs of their less fortunate counterparts; Materials like old books, uniforms, shoes, school bags, etc. are channelized to thousands of village children, motivating them towards learning. It is not given as charity, but as a reward after a regular monitoring on a series of behavior, attitude, and performance aspects.

Under this initiative Currently SEWS India is also running EDLC (Education Desire Learning Center) in two different setup – one is in urban area and another one in rural area and providing remedial Classes and fulfilling the need of School material.

what  you can contribute … please go to http://sews.in/material-contribution/


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