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(Garmaahat Winter)

(Garmaahat Winter)

Why we need to dress up – ?

1-      Because you deserve to look your best at all times.

2-      Because parties aren’t the only time to celebrate.

3-      Because it’s fun!

4-       Because fashion (Clothing) is a method of self expression.

5-       Because fashion (Clothing) is one of the rare instances where art comes alive.

Above some expression could come in to your mind but do you ever think that poor people those who don’t have clothes to wear, Are they not Human beings? Are they out of human race? Are they not intelligent who can think like you that fashion (clothing) is one of the rare instance where art come alive?

Off course you will not agree with above questions that had asked to you. One thing that makes them different to you is “Clothesthe basic need of life. Which, they don’t have.

We always talk about the 3 basic need of the life – Roti (Food), Kapada (Clothes) & Makaan (Shelter). Govt. is working only for food & Shelter they run lots of welfare program for food & Shelter but not yet on Clothing. Does, clothing should not be a matter of concern?

Sews India strongly believes that- this basic need to be filled for every human and do advocate “Clothes for All” program.

If you ask that, How it could be possible to fill this basic need of poor?

Here is the answer - Your old / new clothes can play a big role to fill this basic need of people those who don’t have clothes to wear.

Your old/ new woolen can save some one’s life that is shivering with cold in winters.

Your old /new Sari can save dignity of a poor woman, who has only one set of sari to wear.

Your old/ new Salwar suit, Can support a poor mother who have 4 daughters to take care.

Be part of our Program “Clothes for All” – your small contribution can make difference for Society.

Sews India appeal people to participate our Annual Campaign Garmahat-Winter where you can support with your old Woolen & general clothes which are lying in your Elmira for long time. We channelize your material to needful people.

To support us you can organize Collection camp at your School, Apartment, Colony, Offices, universities and we do let us know. For any further query write us on infosewsindia@gmail.com

 for your contribution list -go to http://sews.in/material-contribution/

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