Republic Day – Celebration by – SEWS India

SEWS India celebrated Republic day with students of Govt. Primary School Cholapur.
Our team Mate Mr. Anil Malhotra organized all this program. After flag hosting program students perfomed on vvarious paterioritc songs and played drama also. It was nice to see that staudents were very talanted one of class 2nd students steals our heart his name was “Lallu” means an idiot but he was conterary of his name he was so talented and full of energy. After this ” Rangarang karykarm” Sews Indiadistributed woolen & general clothes to students under its flagship program
“Broken Wings..a new courage to fly” . In this program School staff was so much coperative, here we would like to give our thanks to Mr.Ram Avtar Singh, Mr.Akhilesh Yadaw, Mr. Shyam Sundar,

Republic Day Celebration By- SEWS India

Republic Day Celebration By- SEWS India

Mrs. Satyawati, Mrs. Phootmati, & Mrs. Sanju Devi for their contribution to Sews India.

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